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The Grandi Yacht quay is one of the flagships of the Marina. On an average depth of 3.30 meters it has 35 berths for maxi boats, of which:

11 for boats up to 40 meters x 9 wide

14 for boats up to 30 meters x 7 wide

Located immediately inside the entrance to the marina, close to the east pier, in a position that is remarkably sheltered from cross winds, it enjoys ample room for maneuver. It is also equipped with:

– Columns for the supply of drinking water, electricity (220-380 volts for users even higher than 3 Kv) and provision for telephone or TV connection.

– Specific area where to carry out bunkering supplies with tank trucks for all types of boats or commercial units, in compliance with current regulations.

– Night lighting and 24-hour surveillance.