Publication date: 07/30/2012

The Marina of Porto San Giorgio S.p.A. celebrates the 26th BLUE FLAG

On 29 July the local institutions celebrated the 26th Blue Flag, the prestigious banner on the environmental quality of the tourist port, which the Marina of Porto San Giorgio has been receiving continuously since 1987. Together with the president of the Navy, Alberto Simonetti, and the staff of the company concessionaire of the tourist port, many political and military institutions and representatives of local associations took part in the party.


In the role of presenter, the technical manager of the landing place Basilio Ciaffardoni who, on the occasion, introduced the director of the port Simone Lanzalone to the attendees. There are many well-known faces of the territory: the mayor of Porto San Giorgio Nicola Loira, that of Fermo, Nella Brambatti, the regional councilor Graziella Ciriaci, the provincial councilor Guglielmo Massucci, the municipal councilors of Porto San Giorgio Catia Ciabattoni and Umberto Talamonti, the fishery manager of the Marche region, Uriano Meconi, the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Fermo, Graziano Di Battista, the provincial president and the provincial director of Confcommercio Riccardo Tarantini and Maria Teresa Scriboni, the director of the fish market, Luigi Ferracuti, the president Ataf Gianluca Vecchi, the president of the Yachting club Simone Beato, the vice president of Big Game Italia, Giorgio Di Stefano, the president Covopi, Riccardo Massimo Tarantini, the lawyers Giuseppe Villa and Fabio Barigelletti, managing director of the Marina Dorica, the president of the Blue Cross of Porto San Giorgio, Daniele Cinti, Pasquale Del Moro of the Sangiorgese Workers’ Society, c Municipal coordinator of the Civil Protection Luciano Pazzi, the president of the Pro loco, Guerriero Berardini. Representing the police were the deputy commander of the Carabinieri station of Porto San Giorgio, Antonio D’Amato, the commander of the Porto-Circomare Captaincy, Giuseppe Quattrocchi and the commander of the patrol boat Cosimo Carbone, the commander of the traffic police-subsection of Porto San Giorgio, Roberto Testa, the commander of the Forest Guard, Giuseppe Malavolta.


Many customers of the Marina of Porto San Giorgio were among the attendees. And the Prefect of Fermo, Emilia Zarrilli, busy elsewhere for institutional commitments, sent his greeting: “Congratulations to the Marina of Porto San Giorgio. It is important to celebrate the Blue Flag “. Guest of honor at the party, Professor Camillo Nardini, Fee regional manager: “I congratulate the Marina of Porto San Giorgio. The flag that we have delivered means a year of activity and 12 months of commitments, sacrifices and continuous hopes for a port that I hope will get better and better. Such a structure cannot fail to be enhanced. The blue flag means commitment on the part of all ”. Nardini also had words of praise for the Port Authority, Liberi nel Vento and the municipal administration for how the city is kept. “We deliver our banner – concludes the manager Fee – with great pride. It is finally being celebrated ”. “With 26 years of Blue Flag – the words of the director of the port Simone Lanzalone – we are proud to represent the attention to the territory.


All the municipalities of the district are alongside the Marina of Porto San Giorgio for the relaunch and intelligent development of the port ”. “The landing – in the words of the San Giorgio mayor Nicola Loira – is an excellence and the largest and most important infrastructure in the area. We are well aware that it must be completed as soon as possible ”. “We are proud to live a common path in which we all want to grow seriously” the words of the regional councilor Graziella Ciriaci. “The city, in the 1900s, was perhaps the only prestigious seaside resort in Central Italy – remembers the provincial councilor Guglielmo Massucci – and today it is a forge of ideas also thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and the municipal councilor Ciabattoni, a volcano. I am honored to participate in this party. ” The delivery of the important Fee flag makes us proud, I think I can speak on behalf of all the mayors of the province – the comment of the mayor of Fermo, Nella Brambatti – and here at the port in September we will also experience the sailing world championship (category 2.4mr organized by Liberi nel Vento). Then the network system from the sea to the hill works ”. “I want to make an appeal – the comment of the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Fermo, Graziano Di Battista – and I turn to the councilor Ciriaci: in the decision-making centers remember the Gac (coastal action group) when funds have to be allocated. Everyone give their contribution in full harmony. The blue flag also creates a really important tourist fabric “.